Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teaching is beautiful

This week has been a tad hectic to say the least, but it all seems to be falling into place. I am finally getting acquainted with my 150+ students learning their names is the best part. Thank god, we have ID’s that makes my job a bit easier. It is great to see that students are becoming better acquainted with computers and are putting their guards down a little bit. Today, at school we had a costume contest and little fiesta. I feel it is important to relax sometimes and have a chance to interact with your students on an informal level you learn a lot about them. In the end, it makes you see what needs to be done to help students become successful in and outside of the classroom. In my opinion, it also builds bridges of trust, which is important to me as a college instructor. On a side note for the first time in a very long while, I feel I am spreading myself a little thin. I want to help all of my students equally but it is so difficult when you have 40 students in one class with different needs any suggestions? Since, students are at different levels I feel like I am constantly running around. However, I know it is only temporary and in due time it will all work out. I know situations like this often happen many times in a teacher’s journey. I hope everyone is doing great in their classes and are effecting positive change within their classrooms. My project for this class is going great it seems that students are really interested in excel and are eager to learn about budgeting, amortization schedules, grade distributions etc. I feel my project will be very helpful for students as their academic journey continues.


  1. I agree with teaching being beautiful. When you have one of those days where the students are connected and responsive, there is nothing better. I teach high school, but still feel the students sometimes need time to interact socially in the classroom. It is great way to get a glimpse into their personal life. It can make you aware of any situation that could make a difference in their learning process.

  2. I agree with both of you. Yes, teaching is rewarding. People who meet me wonder how I stand teaching, let alone teaching teenagers. It does get frustrating at times because of large classes, but the students make all the time I put in worth it.
    It is important to relax with the students, though not during class time. Our school is putting on a play this weekend, and I have had several students wanting me to attend, which I will. I guess when we go, they feel validated, almost like when we were kids and our parents attended our functions. I know I felt proud to know my parents were there. Seeing students outside of the classroom involved in other school activities reminds me of the many talents my students have, even if they are not stellar English students. We all have a calling, right?