Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Adventures of Technology Use

This week to say the least has been hectic it’s the start of a new quarter. Students are running around and trying to figure out classrooms. Teachers are putting the finishing touches on syllabi’s and trying to make copies, but as always all the copiers are down. Why is it when you need technology most something always seems to go wrong? This quarter, I have six technology classes with 35 students in each class. Yes, you can begin to imagine my stress level. It is a bit difficult to help all students when there is only one of me but, with my sprints around the classroom, I am managing. I know as the quarter progresses things will get a lot better or at least I hope they do.

As a computer instructor it is always interesting to see how students react to computers and software programs. Believe it or not many students are afraid of the computer but, through many trial and errors they are able to surpass their fears. As a class we go over the software programs in depth until all students fully understand all the content being presented. If that means staying after class or meeting on Fridays one on one that’s what I will do to ensure students succeed in technology. It is always a great feeling to see how students at the end of the quarter are quite comfortable with the computer to me this means that I have done a good job in teaching them all about computers and software programs. I feel it is imperative that students really understand technology and the great resources it has to offer. In my opinion in this ever- changing society it is imperative that students become familiar with technology in order to be able to compete in a global society.


  1. You have a full teaching load, that is certain. Teaching technology is a much needed service and I am sure your students leave feeling more confident and are definitely more competant after taking your classes.
    As you say society is ever-changing, so is technology ever-changing. For you as a tech teacher, I would imagine that requires a great deal of willingness to adapt and learn all the time. At least you should never be bored.

  2. I know how you feel with such a large class load, especially with lab classes such as yours. It means you are running (almost literally) the entire time.

    You are so right about people being afraid of technology. I know some of my colleagues at school will comment that they don't feel comfortable with the computer, but then they are much more accomplished than I. We all just try to help one another--kind of like blind leading the blind.

    The most gratifying part of teaching is helping students learn new concepts and skills. I sense that you do enjoy your job. I am sure you are making a difference in their lives. Keep up the good work!