Friday, November 13, 2009

Mid Quarter

Hello Tech World,

This week has consisted of a lot of studying and planning. At Heald, this week was the mid quarter start so a completely new set of students. As the quarter continues to unravel, students are starting to feel comfortable with the computer and its major components. It really is amazing to see how students with time and practice become more knowledgeable on the computer and its software. When students have to do assignments they are no longer afraid and are actually eager to begin to put their practice into use. This week students took their first major exam of the quarter and I am happy to report that they all did a great job. I always feel that when my students succeed I succeed. Therefore, I am a happy camper for this week. It truly feels good to see my students interested in the material and most importantly, they are eager to learn.
The project on excel is going really well. When it comes to students own progress and if it has meaning to their own lives they are eager to learn the material. Students are beginning to project their grades for all of their classes, it great since, they know depending on how they do on assignments and exams will determine how they do in the course. They look over all of the percentages and say, “I need to try harder next time on the next test or assignment or my grade will drop 3%.” I truly enjoy seeing all of my students motivated and wanting to know and understand how they are dong academically. I know that this project on excel will be something they can carry out on other areas of their life. Since, students have the necessary skills to understand excel they are going to utilize the program to its fullest potential. Hope everyone is doing well with all of their projects and classes.


  1. It is always more meaningful to learn something that is useful to you personally. I think having them learn how to use excel by looking at their own grades is a real life situation that will have them retaining the information. Will you be starting this project with your new students too?

  2. I love how you integrated the excel assignment in a meaningful way for your students.
    You are right about how they are more interested if it is about them. I am seeing with my kids the lack of an opportunity to get comfortable with computers and therefore they are not as far along as I would like. Being the primary tech teacher you have an advantage to work with your students ad get to know them, as well as plan curriculum. Nice project that teaches transferable skills, too.

  3. i have to agree! when its meaningful then you want to learn! the excel project we did in class was very useful for me. with my husband and i recently going over our finances, it was nice to learn something i could use for myself, now! ive always wanted to learn excel. i actually did the assignment from home and although it took 4 hours i did learn about use many tools on atomic learning!i would of been better taking the class by you!! it sounds as though you students are enjoying what they are doing and find it to be useful. they most likely will continue using it!